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Pro-Escape Rooms & Pro-Rage Rooms

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Must Call To Book 3 Hours Before Appointed Time Please

3 person minimum per room 


Pro-Escape Rooms

Welcomes You To The First Escape Room & Rage Room In Victoria, TX 

The Real Escape Experience

By Appointment Only 


Hello, and welcome to our stunning escape room experience. The first escape room in Victoria! Here at Pro Escapes we go above and beyond to challenge your mind. Our team has created a selection of live action packed puzzle rooms perfect for families, friends, tourists, co-workers, or for any special events. Take a look through our site to learn more.


Rage Room Pricing


Small Package --- $28.00 Per Person For 20 Minutes

1-Crate of fragile Breakables

(15-20) items in crate)

Includes Safety Gear


Take as many photos as possible and videos you'd like!

We take care of the Clean up after 

Large Package---$40.00 For 35 Minutes 

1-Crate of fragile Breakable

(25-30) Items in crate)

1-Large item (TV, Printer or something similar) 

Includes Safety Gear


Take as many photos as possible and videos you'd like!

We take care of the Clean up after 

Additional Big Item - $20.00

Add- 5Mins

Powder Blast Pack - $6.00

(Powder That Burts When Hit an Item)

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Rage Room Rules 

Please Read Before Scheduling

  • Waivers MUST be filled out before entering the rage room.

  • No exceptions you MUST wear closed toe shoes!!! 

  • This is a safe and cathartic exercise for individuals over 18 or minors 10+ and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

  • We recommend you come in jeans and a light T-shirt. 

  • Max people in the Rage Room (4) persons

  • You Must keep your full gear on at ALL times once you walk in the rage room. 

  • It does get hot in there win your having so much fun smashing and swinging at items!!!

  • Be aware of your surrounding - Do not hit each other (That's what the stuff is for) Swinging at one another will NOT be tolerated. We will ask you to leave.  


Opened March 16th 2022


Need to let some frustration out?? Hard day at the office? Just had a breakup or did someone say divorce party? Let it all out at our new rage room coming soon!!!




Feeling creative... but don't want to make a mess? We have you covered with our new coming soon splatter room. You get to take home what you created Fun for all ages!


Fun For Everyone

The ultimate team building and brain challenging experience. Full of fun and excitement for everyone!


Family Owned

Offering Gift Cards



Great For Birthday's or Special Events! For parties larger than 10 persons control room/lobby can be rented out to try and escape both rooms. Rented out the lobby and reserve fee is $100. Please call for more info. 


60 Minutes To Escape
$25.00 Plus Tax Per Person

Pro Escape Rooms To Choose From

Coming soon pic_edited_edited.png


10 person max

10 Months ago, a deadly virus mutated in a FOH lab. We are all hoping it was by accident. The first persons to get infected were the scientist working on the virus. The virus causes the loss of motor skills, loss of reason and ravenous hunger! All the scientists in the facility infected each other. In only a day the WHOLE lab was lost and only in a month the whole city of Victoria. Today about 85% of the population is infected. “We all call them ZOMBIES” Our best hope of survival was a team of American scientist working hard on a cure for the virus for the past couple of months. Night and day, they were so close to discovering a cure to eradicate this horrible virus. 16 hours ago, we lost contact with American lab. We fear the worst. We need to send your research team to find out what happened and try to finish the cure. Your team is the only hope left for humanity!!!

The Crossroads Greatest Heist 

6 Person Max

After years of closely observing The Crossroads Bank you and your crew decide to take on your greatest heist yet! You only have a brief 60 minute window to snatch up all the cash and gold. Your crew will cleverly break into the lobby as planned to try and crack the code to the massive vault door. Once in your squad must deactivate a highly sophisticated set of security lasers, successfully unlock the large barred door and all the while not be detected. Make sure your gang perfectly execute a plan to sneak out of the back of the vault with all the loot! 


Our Reviews

Hear it from the Source

What a unique experience! The owners are so friendly and welcoming. They've put together a great masterpiece here. If you haven't checked them out this is your sign!

Rikki Van horn 

The rooms at this place are AMAZING! They put so much time and effort into what they do and it really shows. The owners are so sweet and made our experience great!

Devyn Turner 

Had an absolute blast when i went here! Worth every penny! I will be going again and again!!!

Caiti Durham 


Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information


Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

You will not. We book our rooms for family, friends and co-workers to experience all the fun with each other.

Are all rooms suitable for children?

Yes! We have had as young as 4 months old on either one of our rooms. Pro-Escapes charges for ages 6+ and up.

Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

No! So don't panic... the same door you enter will always be unlocked in case of emergencies :)

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Schedule A Time To Escape or Rage

Call, Email or  Message On Facebook To Schedule

Must Call 3 Hours Before The Appointed Time Your Team Wants To Schedule :) 3 person Minimum

Mon - Fri: 1pm - 9pm

Sat: 10am - 9pm

Sun: 1pm - 6pm


Contact Pro Escapes

Questions, Comments or Special Requests? Feel Free To Reach Out To Us Today.

3205 Old Goliad Rd
Victoria, Victoria County 77905


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Details and Rules For Escape Rooms


Pro-Escapes is a unique venue for playing, learning and bonding. Our escape rooms are designed for players of all kinds: brave, curious, friendly and eager to learn something new about themselves and their team. With our different themed rooms, there’s truly something for everyone. Book your adventure today!

Please Arrive On Time To Pro-Escape Rooms For Your Scheduled Time To Escape. If Your Party is More Than 15 Minutes Late To Scheduled Time.  You Will Have To Reschedule.

A Deposit Of $ 25.00 Is Required For Parties of 3 Or More People To Ensure Your Scheduled Time. Party Must Call/Message At Least An Hour Before The Scheduled Time To Escape In Order To Cancel or Reschedule. If The Party Is A No Call/No Show The Credit Card Given On File Will Be Charged and Non-Refundable.

Below Are Details/Rules About Your Game Day

1. You Have A Maximum Of 60 Minutes To Find All The Clues and Complete Your Escape Successfully or Find an Exit and Escape. The Sooner The Better. 

2. If You Decide To Keep Your Phone On You or In A Bin That Bin Will Be Provided For Everyone. The Personal Belongings Bin Will Be Locked In The Room You Are Playing In. We Ask That You Please Do Not Take Any Pictures Of The Game Inside.

3. There Will Be No Tasks That will Require Any Strong Physical Strength So Please Don't Pull, Tear Or Push Anything With Excessive Force. Everything That Is Supposed To Open Will Open With Ease When You Find Out How To Get It Open.

4. This Is Not A Computer Game. If You Cut A Cord, You'll Find Electricity There, and If The Glass Breaks You May Cut Yourself. Be Cautious and Careful Please.

5. Both Rooms Have A Mic and Cameras In Them and Help Is Always A  Hand Raise Away. You Can Get As Many Hints As You Want. All You Have To Do Is Agree On Wanting A Hint and All Be On The Same Page. Just Raise Your Hands Up and You'll Receive A Hint.

6. The Game Master Will Clean and Re-set The Room After You Exit The Room, But Please Try Not To Break, Tear Or Smash Things In There. We Do Videotape Everything and Will Charge For Any Major Intentional Damage You May Cause.

7. Please Don't Discuss The Game Flow and Clues After You Exit The Game Room - You May Spoil The WOW Factor For The Next Team Who Will Play After You.

8. We Do Keep The Right To Refuse To Serve Anyone At The Facility. Being Under The Influence Of Alcohol and/or Drugs; Inadequate Aggressive and Dis- Respectable Behavior To Guests or Staff.

9. You Must Sign Release Waiver Before Game Starts.